100 MERCIS for 100 YEARS


Cancer knows no limits. Cancer kills all races of all colors from all countries.

28 skilful hands, 14 generous hearts from 12 countries unite to honor one of humanity’s finest women. “Lady Radiology”, the great pioneer in the war against cancer, twice a Nobel laureate over 100 years ago (the first woman to receive a Nobel prize, for physics in 1903, and the first person ever to be awarded a second, this time for chemistry in 1911), Marie Curie epitomizes the notion that energy and hard work lead to new summits of knowledge for the benefit of all mankind. With this project in support of the Institut Curie, the world says: Merci to Marie Curie.

Just as cancer is blind to wealth, nationality and fame, so this collection of canvasses represents the diversity of the world of art.

Here we have works by great contemporary artists as well as lesser-known and even unknown names. (As Marcus Aurelius reminds us, Alexander the Great and his mule driver ended up in the same place.) We tip our hats to the best-known for their most generous contribution to our fight against cancer, and thank ALL the artists and friends whose combined talents created this beautiful, highly personal collection.

16 pieces, all currently in Beaune, France, are awaiting your “Welcome home!”

You can bid for the individual work or works that most touch your heart! Seeing this wealth of colors and forms from around the world on display in my winery in Beaune, I’m tempted to buy every single one! Knowing what Institut Curie will do with the funds, we can only be generous and bid high.

2020 is the centenary year of the Institute founded by Marie Curie in Paris in 1920. One of the first ever centers to carry out research and treatment on the same site, today the Institut Curie has 3,712 “angels”, teaching, researching and treating patients at the school, research center and two hospitals respectively. To learn more about Marie Curie and the Institut Curie, follow this link [1]

Thanks, and may God protect you and yours,

Mounir SAOUMA.

Nothing for us, all for humanity

HELP US to save more human

The funds raised by the Art for Curie sale will contribute towards the financing of the first chemical biology center in world specialized in cell plasticity. The aim of this center is to understand and block the process of metastatic migration of tumor cells, which is the cause of 90% of cancer-related deaths. Based on progress to date, this ambitious project represents a great hope for better dealing with aggressive cancers. To realize this project, researchers from Institut Curie rely on the support of donors. I therefore thank all the participants in the sale, because you provide the means to make the creation of this center possible. Together, let’s beat cancer – soon!

Les fonds collectés à l’occasion de la vente Art for Curie participeront au financement du premier centre de chimie-biologie au monde spécialisé sur la plasticité cellulaire. L’objectif de ce centre est de comprendre et bloquer le processus de dissémination métastatique des cellules tumorales qui est à l’origine de 90% des décès liés au cancer. S’appuyant sur des avancées concrètes, cet
ambitieux projet représente un grand espoir de mieux traiter les
cancers agressifs. Pour réaliser ce projet, les chercheurs de l’Institut Curie ont besoin d’aide, du soutien de donateurs. Je remercie donc tous les participants à la vente car vous nous apporterez les moyens de rendre possible la création de ce centre.
Ensemble, prenons le cancer de vitesse !

Directeur du Centre de Recherche

Institut Curie
26 rue d’Ulm 75248 – Paris Cedex 05

“Madame Curie is a greatly respected woman and I am proud to further her work”.

“it was natural that I… help this effort for a better world without cancer” 

“My journey into oriental aesthetics and poetry revealed that rocks in a stream can be seen to represent problems which are being washed, worn and moulded in a stream of wisdom” . DEAN HOME

“Marie Curie is remembered as a leading figure in science and a role model for women, So that is an inspiration for any artist”.

“The atomic structure of radium crowns her head; at its nucleus lies her brain, her genius”. JOSEPH ROUHAYEM

“To epitomizes the essence of Marie Curie – work and simplicity”.